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About Us

Kalpona was incepted by a group of people who were fascinated by the evolving creative similarities of human minds around the world, globally separated by distance, languages and traditions. Kalpona wishes to explore the commonalities in the creative faculties of humans and thus promote converging trends in cultural and creative fields.

Kalpona has consolidated its aims and activities as below


  • To promote and participate in the activities relevant to convergence of different streams of art and cultures
  • To promote and participate in creative and innovative cultural activities
  • To help preserve traditional art and cultures with the view of strenghtening the base for future trends to emerge


  • To organise regular events and workshop involving practising artists and teachers
  • To organise performance events
  • To develop and run projects on
    • Preservation of extinct / endangered art form
    • Fusion of multiple art forms
    • Exchange workshops

Kalpona is a not-for-profit organisation which runs on donations from patrons. If you would like to donate to Kalpona, kindly contact us. If you send a donation, Kindly send it to 43 Parkway, Huntingdon PE29 6JA and make the cheque payable to Kalpona. Please do mention your name and details to which the receipt needs to be sent.

Kalpona is also planning to explore the possibilities of organisational funding for some of its forthcoming projects